Principles Of A Gluten Free Diet

Principles Of A Gluten Free Diet

Once detected with gluten intolerance, you are supposed to follow some do’s and don’t regarding your diet. It is only going to help improve your health. Instead of being hassled by the fact that your life will change, take it in the positive light. This change is for the better and you will feel more healthy than ever. Following certain things will make this transition easier for you. While opting for a gluten intolerance diet, it is good to know about some principles attached to it. Have a look and embrace this change with open arms, as it is the best interest of your health!

Develop New Habits

 Develop New Habits

Moving to the new diet is tough but if you begin to change your basic habits, it will help. You have been relying on cookies and cakes for snacking but they are gluten rich foods so you will have to bid them farewell. Instead of sandwiches, you could opt for veggie wraps as your ‘on the go’ breakfast. Change the way you have your hot-dogs, have the sausage without the bun! Gradually you can mold these habits and move towards a better you.

Limit Eating Out

Overhead view of friends at table during party

You may get carried away while you are eating out with friends. You may totally go off track and forget about your gluten intolerance. It would be better if you limit the times you go out to have a snack with your friends. It will give you more time with your family at the table, save you a lot of bucks and reduce the chance of gluten poisoning. Eating at home will eliminate such risks because everyone loves you and will take extra care in preparing your food, so you remain safe!

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Cook At Home

Cook At Home

Try your best to make sure that all your meals are home cooked, even the lunches that you are having at work must be home packed. It will reduce your chances of eating at the snack bars and consuming unwanted gluten. Also if you prepare your meals on your home you know what things you have to avoid putting in the meal. You will eat healthier and stay fit!

Freeze Food

Freeze Food

Since wheat has gluten, it goes out of your pantry. You will have to switch to gluten free flours and most of them have a shorter shelf life. To tackle this you can either buy them in small quantities or in case you are buying more of it, store it in the freezer. It increases the life of the food and enables you to eat healthy. If you are buying baked gluten free breads, you can also store them in the freezer to use them for a longer time!

Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole Foods

Your gluten free diet must include natural foods like eggs, rice, meat, quinoa, fruits, veggies, corn, beans and sea food. These things are naturally gluten free and are also cheaper than processed foods. Planning a diet around these will fulfill your nutritional requirements without the risk of gluten poisoning!

Bake For Yourself


The best alternative to ready made breads that may lead to gluten poisoning is baking yourself! You can use gluten free flour to prepare breads, cookies, cakes, etc. This gives you the opportunity to explore all these tasty foods without compromising your health!

Avoid Gluten Foods

Avoid Gluten Foods

No matter how yummy they seem, but you will have to be strict about not eating pasta, cake, muesli, hot-dogs, cookies, beer and malt drinks. Apart from these you also have to be vigilant about the intake of wheat flour, cracked wheat, semolina, rye bread, graham flour, breakfast cereals and couscous!

Foods To Include

Corn, rice, wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat, potatoes will become your staple now. You can include foods like sweet potatoes, nuts, beans, fresh fruits and veggies in addition to fish and lean meat. The change in diet is for the betterment of your health, so welcome it positively!

In case you need more clarity on your diet and increasing weight, you can opt for gluten free diet plan for weight loss. The journey to a new life will ease out with time, all you need to do is follow these principles!



Shed Before You Wed- Weight Loss Tips for Brides

How was your friend’s wedding last week? Did you have fun? Or were you busy minting ideas for your upcoming wedding that is due in in a couple of months? The decorations, the food, the hair and of course the makeup, you scrutinized every bit to ensure your wedding becomes the talk of the town! That is great after all its your wedding day and you have got all the right in the world to make it special. What about the dresses? That lovely lehenga the bride wore, or the stylishly draped sarees of her sisters and that elegant fish-cut gown of a mutual friend all inspired you, right? But your chubby structure is coming in the way and forcing you to settle for the anarkalis! But you no longer have to sacrifice your desires as we have come up with a list of the Best Dieting Tips for Indian Brides. Go through them and look special on your special day!

Journey From Full Cream to No Cream

Journey From Full Cream to No Cream

Just a simple switch from the full cream milk to a toned version will help you shed the extra kilos. Had you known how much lesser calories you will ingest by making this swap you would have bid goodbye to the full cream milk long time ago!

Raita to Raita Switch

 Raita to Raita Switch

To all the yogurt loving brides, time to be on high alert! When you crave some of the white creamy dish, go for a plain raita instead of the tempting boondi one. You have no idea how much calories you put into it in the form of sugar and boondi!

Oil Free Breakfast Bowl


A big sorry to the parantha eating north Indian brides! Its time to make the switch to a healthy bowl of oats from the oil dripping parantha that you have set your hearts on. No pain, no gain. With this in mind you might find it easy to make the breakfast swap!

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Salt Not to Taste


The easy to find and fill namkeens will have to be done away with. The inconvenience is not regretted as the excess salt is the culprit in making you feel bloated. It also allows water retention leading to weight gain and you don’t want that!

Curb the Candy Cravings


This is no news, the sugary treats are leading to a paunch, the last thing you would want to see poking out from your wedding attire! You give in, eat a sweet and then one thing leads to the other and you end up emptying the bowl, not good!

Say Hello to the Protein


Yes, you need that if you want to see yourself as a healthy and lean bride! The leafy greens will see your plate more now. Maybe some smoked chicken and boiled eggs if you are not among the ‘make-a-face-when-you-smell-chicken’ squad! It will keep you full for longer, a good deal.

No Fad to Loose Fat

No Fad to Loose Fat

These diets and other advice from the ‘know-it-all’ aunt is taking you nowhere. The unrealistic expectations from a diet with practically no food is plain hazardous to your health. Instead have a balanced diet, exercise, breathe and look good!

Empty the Empty Calories

Empty the Empty Calories

A major risk to your dream body is the ingesting of empty calories such as a creamy cake piece, fries and other delicious stuff. These things have no nutrition and loads of calories that will be stored as fat. Choose nutritional foods to quieten the raging tummy!

Smaller the Plate, Lesser the Weight

Smaller the Plate, Lesser the Weight

The easiest switch you can make to lose some weight before your wedding is the plates you eat in. Swap the full plates with smaller ones which will make sure you eat less, feel more satisfied and turn slim and trim in the short span you have before the D-day!

Peanut Butter, Calorie Cutter

Peanut Butter, Calorie Cutter

You don’t believe us? It is butter, so has calories but the good fat and protein in it keeps you full for longer. Thereby cutting your urge to snack on junk throughout the day. You end up eating lesser calories if you include it in your breakfast platter, not that bad!

To all the would be brides, your big day is arriving faster than you expected and you have all the lesser time to shed the extra kilos. Make these changes in your daily diet to get the slender frame you always desired. For a planned effort ensuring weight loss you could opt for our bridal diet plan for weight loss. Make the special day all the more memorable with your special appearance!


10 Super Foods for your Heart

Heart, from where we love and store feelings…uhmm that became too romantic, Ha Ha! On a scientific note, heart is the organ of our body that supplies blood and mixed nutrients to the entire body. First grade science class, we know but well that’s a basic! Not digging too deep in the science of the heart, lets just say that it is important and has to be kept healthy. But we often come across studies and statistics that show a hike in number of people suffering from heart diseases. Its not only restricted to the oldies but has made its way to the young bodies as well. One of the major reason being the ‘practical’ lifestyle! Now this lifestyle has actually caused a hike in our cholesterol levels that is the major reason for the poor heart conditions. Once diagnosed with a heart ailment, you are on medications and special diet. We have brought to you a list of cholesterol reducing foods that will do good to your heart!



It is the best breakfast option for you. Rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and potassium, oatmeal reduces your cholesterol levels. It also keeps you full for longer, provides a lot of energy and thus reduces the risk of stuffing unhealthy foods! You can add some raisins and honey to top it off! It’ll be more palatable and healthy!



They are full of omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, both good for the heart. You can add them to your favorite salad bowl and enhance the flavor and nutrition of the dish. Walnuts add richness to any food item and makes it so much more tempting! Next time you are having a salad, you know what the topping will be!

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Again a food item that controls your cholesterol levels and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay! Tofu is very versatile and can be teamed up with any food item without changing the flavor. It has the tendency to absorb flavors of the dish it is cooked with. From salads to wraps, it fits just easily!

Kidney Beans


Beans are rich in vitamins but free from cholesterol. This property makes it an ideal for the hearty patients. You can easily get the canned varieties but the salt content in them is pretty high. So its better that you go for the dried ones. Add them to your salad with chilies for a better heart!



Iron, minerals, protein and fiber, all are present in barley in decent amounts. You can replace rice and pasta with barley once a week for a better heart. But be very careful while buying barley as the varieties without the outer husk are devoid of the nutrients.



Just like walnuts, almonds are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. For people who find almonds on a bitter side can switch to almonds e3asily. It is an equally good option and has a nice nutty and meaty texture to it! You can even soak them in water and remove peel if you find it too hard to chew, but the nutty variety is better!

Green Tea


Rich in anti-oxidants, it helps in reducing hypertension. The healthy heart flavonols present in green tea help to deal with blood clots, cancer and atherosclerosis. Making it all the more needed for everyone especially for heart patients. It also does wonders to your metabolic rate, so just go for it!



A good source of pectin, oranges are a wonder fruit. Other citrus fruits including oranges are jam packed with flavaonoids that are great in lowering blood pressure and reducing artery inflammation! It improves flow of blood and reduces your risk of a heart stroke!

Dark Chocolate


It lowers blood pressure, helps relax arteries and enhances blood flow. Some chocolates are fattening but the ones with 70% or more cocoa in them are the safest bet. They are wonderful for your heart but then you can’t overdose yourself with this yumm delicacy!



 We agree it is not a green veggie, but is rich in anti-oxidants, fiber and allicin! Together so many of these nutrients can play a pivotal role in lowering your risk of cardio problems like stroke, also helps reduce cholesterol levels!

Heart diseases are not something that you can avoid or overlook. It might turn into a serious ailment and then you won’t be able to deal with it. Make some efforts now and opt for healthy diet for heart patients when you get diagnosed with even a minimal issue. Eat right and stay healthy for long!

10 Ways to Enjoy Outdoors Despite Allergies

10 Ways to Enjoy Outdoors Despite Allergies

Blooming flowers, hot weather and longer days, summers are at their peak. This is the ideal time to cultivate hobbies like swimming, gardening, camping and biking. Those were probably our holiday plans this summer. While most people enjoy this season to the fullest, there are people for whom this season is a menace! And no, its not about sweating and dehydration. Its about the allergies that the spring brought about with it and rains will only worsen them! Pollen count rises with temperature and so will the allergies associated with it. So what to do? Stop living our life? No, that’s not an option. Why are we not going to enjoy swimming and going out like others? We will, with the help of the following tips.

Pollen Count


Mainly allergies are caused by pollen or mold spores. So to avoid hype in your symptoms, its better to keep a tab on the pollen count. You could achieve this by following the weather forecast. The pollen count can be interpreted to know what to expect if you go out! Weather plays an important role in worsening your condition. Hot, dry and windy weather will help the pollen to travel easily and will play havoc for allergy sufferers!

Know Your Allergy

Before you guess and assume what you are allergic to, allow an allergist to examine you and draw a conclusion for you! Many people just go by what others are doing and avoid check ups. See, now that’s not gonna help you. Don’t assume things and restrict yourself to believing in facts! The doctor’s prescription is proof enough that you need medications and follow the dos and dont’s as prescribed by him.

Go Out Late


Mornings are the worst for allergy sufferers. Pollen effects begin by dawn and are heightened till late morning. Wanna go out for a nice summer day? Wait till lunch at-least. You are not going to regret postponing your plans to later in the day. Allergy symptoms are most likely to lessen if you miss being out in the morning!

Activity Level

More taxing activities will need more oxygen. Its not a science class, relax. The point here is that the more you exert, the more you need to breathe in and more will be the intake of pollen in your lungs. The result as expected, will be more symptoms of allergy. So to avoid this go for less toilsome exercises in the morning or reserve the more strenuous ones for indoors like running (on treadmill). The least you can do is schedule them for the evening instead!

Dress Appropriately


Its hot and you don’t want to bear the brunt of sun’s heat as it is. So hats and sunglasses are a compulsory tag along. They won’t only spare you from the harsh sun but also from attracting pollen to your hair and eyes! If you are going to be in close contact of pollen (while gardening) consider wearing a pollen mask to avoid it sticking to your throat.

Take a Bath


 Ha Ha! No, we are not saying that you are filthy! What we mean is that after you come back home, remove shoes outside and take a bath (especially if in close contact of pollen). This will prevent you from carrying pollen with you whole day. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the washed clothes should not be hung outside for drying. It will attract all the more pollen and you’ll be more prone to exhibit allergy symptoms.

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Dress Appropriately


Its hot and you don’t want to bear the brunt of sun’s heat as it is. So hats and sunglasses are a compulsory tag along. They won’t only spare you from the harsh sun but also from attracting pollen to your hair and eyes! If you are going to be in close contact of pollen (while gardening) consider wearing a pollen mask to avoid it sticking to your throat.

Friendly Plants

Friendly Plants

People, who have a garden or lawn of their own, will be more in contact with pollen. So take measures such that it doesn’t make matters worse. Plant your greens carefully. Choose plants that are more friendly to you and won’t trigger your allergies. Apple, cherry, pear, lilacs and dogwoods should be your preference for the garden. Strictly keep away from plants like conifers, birch, maple, hickory, oaks and elms. They generate more pollen and will worsen your condition. After all who wants to plant their own enemy!

Keeping in One Place

This is for pollen full clothes! Remember the hats, shoes and scarves you wore while you were out, they are full of pollen! Keeping this stuff back in your wardrobe will enable the pollen to spread around. Make sure you keep these pollen affected things at one place and wash them soon enough. Also avoid putting them outside as it will attract more of them. Consider taking a shower as soon as you get home.



There are medicines to treat these allergies. Talk to your doctor to know which ones to take. Some start working within 8-12 hours and are taken prior to leaving home. Others are to taken for days and weeks to prevent symptoms. Get yourself thoroughly checked before taking any of these. They are to be taken as per your need. Try not to be a physician yourself and consider getting in touch with a reliable one!



Be prepared to attract more pollen while traveling. Beaches are altogether a different bid. Otherwise while visiting a new place you will encounter new allergens. Try to travel in a car with closed windows to minimize the risk of attracting pollen through wind! Also don’t forget to pack your medicines in your HANDBAG and not in the luggage so as to ensure easy access!

Don’t restrict yourself from going out in the allergy season. Instead beat these allergens by following these tips. We hope they have proven helpful to you. We will be back with more health tips till then take care, Sayonara!


Healthy Snacks To Keep in Your Office Drawer

Sitting at the desk and working on the computer for 8 -9 hours is an easy job, Right? NO! Oh no, it is not. Mental exertion counts, and counts a lot. Thinking, typing, speaking, listening are all some kind of activities only. That is the reason why we feel all drained up after spending those long constant hours on the office desk.We may not be moving our limbs to and fro, nonetheless, our body is utilizing the energy and nutrients. Lacking which we may not be able to focus and produce a good output. It is therefore essential for us to not take this lightly, and should pay attention towards our dietary needs at office.

Apart from the three main meals of the day (of which many often skip the breakfast), we should munch on light snacks in between to provide regular fuel to the body’s machinery. We bring to you our best picks of healthy snacks that you could keep in your office drawer. Munch on them whenever you feel the need to, this will save your time, keep you active and most productive at your office. Make a note-



These crunchy nuts will curb your hunger pangs in the evenings. Rich in heart-healthy fats, nuts are dense calories, so it would be advisable to stick to a small potion to snack on each day. Do not store in packets of nuts and raisins in the office, try forming a habit of carrying a measured amount each day. Also eat them raw, avoid roasted or salted forms.


fruit salad

Make it a habit to cut and slice a few fruits in the morning, put them in an air tight container and carry them to office every single day. First hing to keep them in your drawer (or maybe in the fridge, if there is one) and have your mid day snack sorted. You should also keep salt and pepper jars in the drawer, if you’d like to sprinkle them over.

Dark Chocolate:


Store them to help you stay away from unhealthy calories on occasions when cakes and pastries make way into the office hall like a birthday celebration or farewell. You can grab your chocolate and not indulge in the sweets too much. At other times too, having a piece won’t cost your health too much.



Well, we are not asking you to prepare your meals at office. Not asking to take milk and cereals, and create a mess around. Dry cereals to snack is all what we recommend. Choose whole green cereals without added sugars; the crackling snack will let you stay active all day long.

Peanut Butter:


It is one of the most energy booster snack that can be stashed in your office drawer. You can spread it on crackers or chips, or simply take in a spoonful, and will feel satiated for a few hours. Peanut butter provides a high amount of protein, oil and fat. Watch the amount you consume to keep yourself in shape.