5 Reasons Why You Need Meditation


The pressures of life are hard to cope. At times we go crazy handling even the most stupidest of tasks just because our mind is so worked out, or we tend to throw away all our diet and exercise regimes because we are just too frustrated everything around us. All we need is a break. But unfortunately the break too gives no relief, we only tend to over-think, cluster our head with mindless crap and the tummy with calorie loaded trash.

So is there a way out from such a situation? Sure there is- Meditation! Meditate to soothe your nerves and bring back the lost peace.

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There are a host of other reasons why you need meditation in your life. We are listing them down for you:

1. Meditate for healthy food habits:

It has been established that people who meditate find it easier to adopt healthy food habits than those who never go for meditation. Regular meditation goes a long way in helping curb food cravings. This in turn helps in eating good which helps in our physical well being.

2. Meditate for a sound sleep:

Modern day lifestyle has given rise to disturbed sleeping patterns among a large number of people. While one requires 7-8 hours of sleep every day to revitalize the body functions, the quality of sleep is a crucial aspect to ponder about. Stress can often snatch the peace from your sleep, and meditation can bring it back for you.

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3. Meditate to stay active:

Meditation recharges the body’s batteries. It instills calm and peace as well as renewed energy. As it eases the pressure on our nerves, there is a natural upliftment of mood and a few minutes of meditation can pep you up instantly.

4. Meditate to keep illnesses at bay:

Meditation focuses on controlling one’s breathing patterns and thus, helps in better respiration and circulation. It also helps build a stronger immunity. In this way meditation can prevent you from falling sick easily. Also if one is ill, meditation helps in quick healing.

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5. Meditate to improve social health:
Happy Woman relaxing in a park

A peaceful mind is a conducive space. Meditation brings us at peace with our inner turmoils and this helps us in welcoming the outer world with open hands too. Meditation increases our social sensitivity,  and thus improves are social health.