10 Popular Diet Tips to Unlearn

10 Popular Diet Tips to Unlearn

In this health freak world of today, people are more inclined towards reducing excess pounds or tapering their bellies! In this process, they are bombarded with a bundle of “Health Tips” which they start following with a blind eye. Its time to scrutinize some of these rules and unlearn them! We have come up with a list of some unhealthy “health rules”.

Banning Fats: The most common trend for dieting is to completely ban fats or sugars. But it may surprise you to know that in such diets, sugars are used to replace fats or vice-versa! Another point here is that food devoid of fat makes you feel hungry more often. And you tend to eat more, so your diet crashes a big time! Instead go for normal food and keep a tab on portion sizes and try not to overeat. Trust us, it is a way healthier option!Banning Fat

No Cheat Days: A full on strict diet increases your chances to give in to temptations. You might give up on your diet altogether! To stick to your regime for a longer time, plan your days of diet relaxation. An 80-20 ratio goes a long way and will pay you in terms of lesser stress. Yes, you got that right! Enjoying mouth watering delicacies once in a while can reduce stress but don’t overdo it. No Cheat Days

Stop Snacking: Restricting yourself to just 3 meals a day and skipping snacks can lead to overeating at mealtime. It also leads to a dip in blood sugar levels and that is definitely not healthy! Instead of eliminating snacks completely, take up healthier options for snacking! Foods with a balanced amount of proteins, fiber and fats will help to keep your energy in balance.

Stop Snacking


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Avoid Fruits: True that fruits are packed with sugars but that itself is not a hurdle in your diet. Shocking eh? Fruits are also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which helps in absorption of sugar. They are easy to digest even and are a way healthier option than chocolate fudge when your sweet tooth calls! Avoid Fruits
Organic is Good: Organic foods are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides, true. But it has got nothing to do with lesser calories! Don’t believe us? Its a myth that organic foods are low calories. They are a healthier option in the light that they are free from chemicals and have natural minerals. But the calorific value can’t be reduced through this process. A high cal food is high cal even if made from organic ingredients!Organis Is Good

Salad- the Best Option: It is often said, “When in doubt, order a salad”. There are lots of people who even follow this. The tempting salads of your favorite joint, seem a healthier alternative when you are going out with friends. It’ll surprise you, the juicy burger you just sacrificed was healthier and less calorific than the salad you ordered! The mayo, cream and kebabs add way more to its calories than you suspect! Choose wisely, live well!Salad-The Best Option

Don’t Exercise: Well yea, that’s one of the advice we’ve heard of! The rationale behind this is that exercising will make you hungry and you will eat more. Well guys, a long workout will burn calories and in lieu of it you are not going to swallow tons of calories! Plus its not restricted to weight loss, come-on it will improve respiratory system, build strength and improves metabolism! So put on your spikes and go for a jog!exercise

Only Calorie Count Matters: It is believed by some that what you eat doesn’t matter till you are keeping a check on your calorie count. Well we disagree to it and you will follow suit after knowing the reason! While choosing between a 100 cal spinach to 100 cal ice cream. Who should you prefer? Spinach has vitamins and fiber. What about the ice cream? Is it adding to your nutrition? Eating less is not as important as eating healthy. Make your choice after thorough consideration.Only Calorie Count Matters

Through this article we have attempted to put forward another perspective to dieting. We hope that you have found logic in our tips and will follow them for a healthier life. We will soon be back with our take on health till then eat healthy and stay healthy! Try to eat healthy diet meals and lead your way to a healthier future.


7 Foods to Avoid With Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that results in production of too much hormone from the thyroid gland. It speeds up metabolism and interferes with your moods, bone health and heart health. Some symptoms of hyperthyroidism include unintentional weight loss, increased hunger, anxiety, tremors, rapid heartbeat and insomnia.

If a person is diagnosed with this condition then he is prescribed with thyroid hormone replacement therapy, thyroid depressive medications, iodine supplements an din severe cases, it could lead to surgery too. The most crucial part is the diet plan of hyperthyroidism patient because if proper food is not taken then it could lead to serious problems.

Listed below are some foods that you need to avoid if you have been diagnosed with this condition:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol can worsen your sleep problems and disturb your energy level. It also increases risk of osteoporosis among people suffering from hyperthyroidism. Make sure to avoid or limit your intake of cocktails, beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy Products
Patients of hyperthyroidism get affected in different ways from different types of foods. Some people start experiencing fatigue, bloating or intolerance as they develop inability to digest dairy products due to lactose intolerance. If you are one of those then you must avoid consuming yogurt, ice cream, cheese, milk etc.

3. Avoid Allergic Foods

Allergic Foods
One of the causes of hyperthyroidism is Graves’ disease which is an autoimmune disease triggered by food allergies. Thus, it is important to avoid foods that cause any allergy to you. Allergies from food include wheat allergies, peanut allergies, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance etc.

4. Added Sugars

Added Sugars
Added sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, cane sugar have very less nutritional value but add sweetness and calories to our food that can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Remember to avoid food and beverages like fat free frozen yogurt, candies, pastries, cakes, cookies, jam, pancake syrups, soft drinks etc.

5. Enriched Flour

Enriched Flour

Digesting enriched flour is difficult and it contains less nutrients as compared to whole grains. It can disrupt your hormone and blood sugar level. It is a high glycemic food but you must consume food with low glycemic as it has the capability to restore healthy hormone levels. You should replace enriched cereals, snacks, bread and pasta with 100% whole grains such as whole wheat bread, air-popped popcorn, quinoa, barley, brown rice etc.

6. Caffeine


Avoiding stimulants such as sugar, coffee or any other caffeinated drink or food as it can intensify symptoms of hyperthyroidism. It is better to have fruit juice or water rather that caffeinated drinks.

7. Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine boosts up the activity of the thyroid gland thus it is vital to avoid food rich in iodine. Avoid consuming iodized salt, kelp, seaweed or any other sea food rich in iodine.

How to lose 5-7kgs in 7 days


In today’s world everyone wants to be a foodie as well look fit and toned too. Some people don’t really pay heat when talked about losing weight because they are food lovers and its hard for them to bid goodbye to their favourite dishes. Losing weight doesn’t really mean you have to give up on your favourite dish. You have to be particular about your eating habits as when as your calorie and carbohydrate intake.  Body weight is all about the fat and water retention in a person’s body so it is pretty easy to lose the initial kilos. There are some very basic points one needs to follow to see the initial transformation

  1. Avoid Biscuits
  2. Do not miss your breakfast
  3. Have cereals , eggs and ,milk in your breakfast
  4. Drink atleast 3L of water everyday
  5. Strict NO to midnight snacks
  6. Dinner should not be taken after 8pm
  7. Cut down on sweets
  8. Avoid oily food
  9. Avoid carbohydrate intake at night
  10. Drink luke warm water

DAY 1– Since it is really hard for a foodie to cut down his/her delicious meals and lose weight so one should start his/her schedule with fruit day.  You can have as many fruits as you want but you should avoid banana. Drink 8-12 glasses of water so that your body remains hydrated. Do not eat any food items, not even raw or boiled vegetables.

DAY 2– After having fruit diet now its time to switch your schedule to vegetable diet. You can have vegetables through out the day in raw or cooked state or boiled vegetables. Some of the vegetables which are recommended are broccoli , raw and cooked carrot , lettuce , boiled cabbage , cooked beans etc.

DAY 3– Since you have had fruit as well as vegetable diet on the first and the second day , now on the third day the diet schedule will have both vegetable and fruit diet. Avoid bananas from the fruit category and potatoes from the vegetable category . You can plan your day 3 schedule with fruits in breakfast , vegetables in afternoon , fruits in the evening and boiled vegetables at night.

DAY 4– Day 4 would comprise of milk and banana diet. You can have 7-8 banana and 2-3 glasses of milk. You might feel that you’ll be starving all day long but at the end of the day you will not be hungry at all. You need to properly divide the consumption of banana and milk throughout the day so that you don’t starve all day long.

DAY 5– You can have rice and about 6-7 tomatoes on this day. It is advised that on Day5 you should increase your water intake from 12 glasses to 15 glasses.

DAY 6– On day 6 you can again have a bowl of rice along with vegetables. Do not ignore the water intake. Switch back to 8-12 glasses of water.

DAY 7– So finally after 6 days of your strict diet schedule , on the last day of your schedule you can have a bowl of rice with vegetables ( Any of your choice ) along with the fruit juice.

After strictly following this one week long diet schedule you will definitely see your body weight dropping down.  You will definitely improve your digestive system as well as youll see a glow on your face.



The Best Diet for a Bride-to-Be

The Best Diet for a Bride-to-Be

Wedding day holds a very dear spot in every person’s life. Every bride wants to look her best on this day. A perfect dress, perfect ring, perfect reception so why not achieve a healthy and fit body? To achieve this, many brides-to-be starts to loose pounds, without even considering the pitfalls that may befall. Many young women opt for diets without even consulting with a dietitian and some even starts popping the weight loss pills. And the results are always perplexed. Some will loose so many pounds that they will look frail or some will not be able to achieve the desired weight till the wedding day.

Why to go through so much stress, when you can get our Pre Bridal Diet Plan. Stop staying iffy and choose the bridal package that will not only help you lose weight but will also help you to keep it away for a long time. Weight loss is not just about losing those chunks of fat but to also look confident and toned up after that. As the internet is flooded with so many different diet plans that promise to provide the best results, it rather becomes difficult to choose the one that will provide the absolute results.


Cutting out some calorie intake and exercising alone, will not help you to lose weight. following a proper diet plan is necessary. Consider getting some of the best dieting tips so that you can get toned up body. The best part of following a diet plan is, you do not have to worry about skipping a meal because you will be very much aware in your conscious about the fact that you are dieting as you have to look perfect on the wedding day.

With getting fit comes another factor in light, i.e. Glowing skin. To look fresh and gorgeous with glowing skin is every bride’s dream. This can only be achieved if you follow the bridal diet chart for glowing skin. To get glowing and refreshing skin is not a piece of cake because with all the wedding preparations, skin might look and feel tired and no one would want that, so just choose the best diet to get glowing skin and look your best at the big day. Just cut out alcohol, smoking, excessive sugar, soda from your daily routine and just follow a proper diet and drink lots of water and you are good to go. Enjoy your day to the fullest with confidence and glow and make this day a memorable one.

Reach Your Ideal Weight In Specific Time

Reach Your Ideal Weight In Specific Time


Every person wishes for a healthy body but it is not easy for each and every person to achieve this goal. As this involves eating healthy and the lifestyle that most people follow is not that much healthy. So to speed up the weight loss process, we bring you a 2 and 3-month diet program that will surely help you loose those chunks of fat.


2 Month Weight Loss Plan

If you intend to shed some pounds in 2 months, a good weight loss diet accompanied with exercise is the best way to do it. Follow the hacks given below and achieve your weight loss goal.
For breakfast have a bowl of cereals, Egg whites, Toast made from wholegrain bread, Glass of fresh juice, Tea or coffee with low or no sugar.
Chapatis with Vegetables lightly cooked in olive oil, Dal and Salad are best for lunch.

Evening Snack:

Light snack with tea or coffee with skimmed milk makes best evening snack. Dinner: A bowl of soup, salad and some chicken or fish is best for dinner.

Exercises like Jumping Jacks, mountain climbers, high-knee run in place etc can be performed for about 4 to 4 and a half minutes with 20 seconds rest. Combine these exercises with lunges, burpees and push ups, 4 minutes , 10 reps of each exercise with 20 seconds rest. Perform these for one month with one rest day. Increase the exercise time and reduce the rest time to 15 seconds for next month.
3 Months Weight Loss Diet Plan

Loosing weight is not an easy task to do. A lot of effort has to be put in to achieve desired result. That is what 3-month diet plan is all about. Dieting along with exercise has always been a great way to loose weight.

  • Lower your calorie intake so as to be able to loose subsequent amount of weight.
  • Start your day with a glass of water mixed with lime and honey.
  • Eat a bowl of cereals, fruits or egg whites with a glass of fresh juice or skimmed milk.
  • For lunch, have a bowl of steamed or boiled vegetables with salad.
  • Eat healthy snacks with tea or coffee as an evening snack.
  • Eat a bowl of soup with salad for dinner.
  • Combine this diet plan with HIIT and cardio to gain best results.
  • Increase the time of each exercise every month and reduce the rest time to gain best results.

Do not refrain yourself from eating your favorite things. You should always have a cheat day where you can eat your favorite dessert or chocolate but you have to manage your calorie intake too. Try to weigh yourself everyday, if possible but do not get obsessed with it as rate of losing weight is different for different bodies.

Following any diet is good but do not sacrifice your life for it. Eat well and eat healthy, if you have any craving for pizza or your favorite chocolate, go ahead and have a bite to calm your taste buds. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday so as to maintain the water level of your body. Drink water before and after every meal to help boost the digestion process. So, keep calm, eat right and loose weight.