Principles Of A Gluten Free Diet

Principles Of A Gluten Free Diet

Once detected with gluten intolerance, you are supposed to follow some do’s and don’t regarding your diet. It is only going to help improve your health. Instead of being hassled by the fact that your life will change, take it in the positive light. This change is for the better and you will feel more healthy than ever. Following certain things will make this transition easier for you. While opting for a gluten intolerance diet, it is good to know about some principles attached to it. Have a look and embrace this change with open arms, as it is the best interest of your health!

Develop New Habits

 Develop New Habits

Moving to the new diet is tough but if you begin to change your basic habits, it will help. You have been relying on cookies and cakes for snacking but they are gluten rich foods so you will have to bid them farewell. Instead of sandwiches, you could opt for veggie wraps as your ‘on the go’ breakfast. Change the way you have your hot-dogs, have the sausage without the bun! Gradually you can mold these habits and move towards a better you.

Limit Eating Out

Overhead view of friends at table during party

You may get carried away while you are eating out with friends. You may totally go off track and forget about your gluten intolerance. It would be better if you limit the times you go out to have a snack with your friends. It will give you more time with your family at the table, save you a lot of bucks and reduce the chance of gluten poisoning. Eating at home will eliminate such risks because everyone loves you and will take extra care in preparing your food, so you remain safe!

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Cook At Home

Cook At Home

Try your best to make sure that all your meals are home cooked, even the lunches that you are having at work must be home packed. It will reduce your chances of eating at the snack bars and consuming unwanted gluten. Also if you prepare your meals on your home you know what things you have to avoid putting in the meal. You will eat healthier and stay fit!

Freeze Food

Freeze Food

Since wheat has gluten, it goes out of your pantry. You will have to switch to gluten free flours and most of them have a shorter shelf life. To tackle this you can either buy them in small quantities or in case you are buying more of it, store it in the freezer. It increases the life of the food and enables you to eat healthy. If you are buying baked gluten free breads, you can also store them in the freezer to use them for a longer time!

Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole Foods

Your gluten free diet must include natural foods like eggs, rice, meat, quinoa, fruits, veggies, corn, beans and sea food. These things are naturally gluten free and are also cheaper than processed foods. Planning a diet around these will fulfill your nutritional requirements without the risk of gluten poisoning!

Bake For Yourself


The best alternative to ready made breads that may lead to gluten poisoning is baking yourself! You can use gluten free flour to prepare breads, cookies, cakes, etc. This gives you the opportunity to explore all these tasty foods without compromising your health!

Avoid Gluten Foods

Avoid Gluten Foods

No matter how yummy they seem, but you will have to be strict about not eating pasta, cake, muesli, hot-dogs, cookies, beer and malt drinks. Apart from these you also have to be vigilant about the intake of wheat flour, cracked wheat, semolina, rye bread, graham flour, breakfast cereals and couscous!

Foods To Include

Corn, rice, wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat, potatoes will become your staple now. You can include foods like sweet potatoes, nuts, beans, fresh fruits and veggies in addition to fish and lean meat. The change in diet is for the betterment of your health, so welcome it positively!

In case you need more clarity on your diet and increasing weight, you can opt for gluten free diet plan for weight loss. The journey to a new life will ease out with time, all you need to do is follow these principles!



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