Shed Before You Wed- Weight Loss Tips for Brides

How was your friend’s wedding last week? Did you have fun? Or were you busy minting ideas for your upcoming wedding that is due in in a couple of months? The decorations, the food, the hair and of course the makeup, you scrutinized every bit to ensure your wedding becomes the talk of the town! That is great after all its your wedding day and you have got all the right in the world to make it special. What about the dresses? That lovely lehenga the bride wore, or the stylishly draped sarees of her sisters and that elegant fish-cut gown of a mutual friend all inspired you, right? But your chubby structure is coming in the way and forcing you to settle for the anarkalis! But you no longer have to sacrifice your desires as we have come up with a list of the Best Dieting Tips for Indian Brides. Go through them and look special on your special day!

Journey From Full Cream to No Cream

Journey From Full Cream to No Cream

Just a simple switch from the full cream milk to a toned version will help you shed the extra kilos. Had you known how much lesser calories you will ingest by making this swap you would have bid goodbye to the full cream milk long time ago!

Raita to Raita Switch

 Raita to Raita Switch

To all the yogurt loving brides, time to be on high alert! When you crave some of the white creamy dish, go for a plain raita instead of the tempting boondi one. You have no idea how much calories you put into it in the form of sugar and boondi!

Oil Free Breakfast Bowl


A big sorry to the parantha eating north Indian brides! Its time to make the switch to a healthy bowl of oats from the oil dripping parantha that you have set your hearts on. No pain, no gain. With this in mind you might find it easy to make the breakfast swap!

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Salt Not to Taste


The easy to find and fill namkeens will have to be done away with. The inconvenience is not regretted as the excess salt is the culprit in making you feel bloated. It also allows water retention leading to weight gain and you don’t want that!

Curb the Candy Cravings


This is no news, the sugary treats are leading to a paunch, the last thing you would want to see poking out from your wedding attire! You give in, eat a sweet and then one thing leads to the other and you end up emptying the bowl, not good!

Say Hello to the Protein


Yes, you need that if you want to see yourself as a healthy and lean bride! The leafy greens will see your plate more now. Maybe some smoked chicken and boiled eggs if you are not among the ‘make-a-face-when-you-smell-chicken’ squad! It will keep you full for longer, a good deal.

No Fad to Loose Fat

No Fad to Loose Fat

These diets and other advice from the ‘know-it-all’ aunt is taking you nowhere. The unrealistic expectations from a diet with practically no food is plain hazardous to your health. Instead have a balanced diet, exercise, breathe and look good!

Empty the Empty Calories

Empty the Empty Calories

A major risk to your dream body is the ingesting of empty calories such as a creamy cake piece, fries and other delicious stuff. These things have no nutrition and loads of calories that will be stored as fat. Choose nutritional foods to quieten the raging tummy!

Smaller the Plate, Lesser the Weight

Smaller the Plate, Lesser the Weight

The easiest switch you can make to lose some weight before your wedding is the plates you eat in. Swap the full plates with smaller ones which will make sure you eat less, feel more satisfied and turn slim and trim in the short span you have before the D-day!

Peanut Butter, Calorie Cutter

Peanut Butter, Calorie Cutter

You don’t believe us? It is butter, so has calories but the good fat and protein in it keeps you full for longer. Thereby cutting your urge to snack on junk throughout the day. You end up eating lesser calories if you include it in your breakfast platter, not that bad!

To all the would be brides, your big day is arriving faster than you expected and you have all the lesser time to shed the extra kilos. Make these changes in your daily diet to get the slender frame you always desired. For a planned effort ensuring weight loss you could opt for our bridal diet plan for weight loss. Make the special day all the more memorable with your special appearance!



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