10 Super Foods for your Heart

Heart, from where we love and store feelings…uhmm that became too romantic, Ha Ha! On a scientific note, heart is the organ of our body that supplies blood and mixed nutrients to the entire body. First grade science class, we know but well that’s a basic! Not digging too deep in the science of the heart, lets just say that it is important and has to be kept healthy. But we often come across studies and statistics that show a hike in number of people suffering from heart diseases. Its not only restricted to the oldies but has made its way to the young bodies as well. One of the major reason being the ‘practical’ lifestyle! Now this lifestyle has actually caused a hike in our cholesterol levels that is the major reason for the poor heart conditions. Once diagnosed with a heart ailment, you are on medications and special diet. We have brought to you a list of cholesterol reducing foods that will do good to your heart!



It is the best breakfast option for you. Rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and potassium, oatmeal reduces your cholesterol levels. It also keeps you full for longer, provides a lot of energy and thus reduces the risk of stuffing unhealthy foods! You can add some raisins and honey to top it off! It’ll be more palatable and healthy!



They are full of omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, both good for the heart. You can add them to your favorite salad bowl and enhance the flavor and nutrition of the dish. Walnuts add richness to any food item and makes it so much more tempting! Next time you are having a salad, you know what the topping will be!

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Again a food item that controls your cholesterol levels and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay! Tofu is very versatile and can be teamed up with any food item without changing the flavor. It has the tendency to absorb flavors of the dish it is cooked with. From salads to wraps, it fits just easily!

Kidney Beans


Beans are rich in vitamins but free from cholesterol. This property makes it an ideal for the hearty patients. You can easily get the canned varieties but the salt content in them is pretty high. So its better that you go for the dried ones. Add them to your salad with chilies for a better heart!



Iron, minerals, protein and fiber, all are present in barley in decent amounts. You can replace rice and pasta with barley once a week for a better heart. But be very careful while buying barley as the varieties without the outer husk are devoid of the nutrients.



Just like walnuts, almonds are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. For people who find almonds on a bitter side can switch to almonds e3asily. It is an equally good option and has a nice nutty and meaty texture to it! You can even soak them in water and remove peel if you find it too hard to chew, but the nutty variety is better!

Green Tea


Rich in anti-oxidants, it helps in reducing hypertension. The healthy heart flavonols present in green tea help to deal with blood clots, cancer and atherosclerosis. Making it all the more needed for everyone especially for heart patients. It also does wonders to your metabolic rate, so just go for it!



A good source of pectin, oranges are a wonder fruit. Other citrus fruits including oranges are jam packed with flavaonoids that are great in lowering blood pressure and reducing artery inflammation! It improves flow of blood and reduces your risk of a heart stroke!

Dark Chocolate


It lowers blood pressure, helps relax arteries and enhances blood flow. Some chocolates are fattening but the ones with 70% or more cocoa in them are the safest bet. They are wonderful for your heart but then you can’t overdose yourself with this yumm delicacy!



 We agree it is not a green veggie, but is rich in anti-oxidants, fiber and allicin! Together so many of these nutrients can play a pivotal role in lowering your risk of cardio problems like stroke, also helps reduce cholesterol levels!

Heart diseases are not something that you can avoid or overlook. It might turn into a serious ailment and then you won’t be able to deal with it. Make some efforts now and opt for healthy diet for heart patients when you get diagnosed with even a minimal issue. Eat right and stay healthy for long!


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