7 Tips For Gluten Free Diet

7 Tips For Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free foods are the talk of every town and the reason is not ‘latest trend’. It is rather because of a disease, Celiac that is on a hike these days. People suffering from this disease are allergic to gluten, a compound found in wheat, barley and rye. Once diagnosed, you are put on an anti-gluten diet for life long. That sounds scary, isn’t it? People who have been recently diagnosed might be having a tough time to accept the facts and will be taking the whole diet change thing as a threat. You can opt for the gluten intolerance diet to have a holistic approach towards the new path. To make choices easy, we have brought to you some tips that will help you adjust to the new scenario of life with ease.

Read Food Labels

Read Food Labels

The packed foods have a labeling of allergens and other ingredients embossed on the backside and can be referred to check whether it is suitable or not. Big brands will always mention such ingredients no matter how little the amount is used. So make a habit of always going through the labels before buying any packed food items.

Gluten Free Alternatives

Gluten Free Alternatives

Breads, pasta and crackers have gluten in them but you don’t really have to eliminate these delicacies from your diet. Don’t believe us? You can always opt for the gluten free varieties in your favorite items and enjoy every bit of them. Just be very careful while picking these things and make sure they don’t contain even a pinch of gluten.

Naturally Gluten Free Foods


Not all foods will contain gluten so you don’t always have to be on high alert while eating. Foods like fruits, veggies, meat, fish, poultry, eggs and cheese are naturally free from gluten. So these can be included in your diet on an everyday basis. These are safer options than those which may or may not contain gluten. Though you could consult your doctor and check for other allergies!

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Gluten Free Cereals

Gluten Free Cereals

Just because some cereals contain gluten, doesn’t mean that you will be devoid of cereals completely. Naturally gluten free cereals are an option for you. The list contains corn, millet, quinoa and many more. But before you decide on piling them up in your pantry, just check the labels for uncontaminated versions. Double checking and surety is the key here!

Choosing The Right Alcohols

Choosing The Right Alcohols

Many people end up ruining their efforts of restricting to gluten free foods by consuming the wrong alcohols. Not all alcohols are harmful but some of them are a strict no no in the gluten free diet. These include, beer, larger, ales and stouts. Though the gluten free varieties of beer are available in some stores, be very careful in buying and do check labels. Wine, sherry, cider, port and spirits are safer options.

Cross Contamination

Cross Contamination

You might be choosing your foods with careful consideration but might not be alert for cross contamination. A small amount of gluten that you may consume from butter with bread crumbs on it, or chopping veggies on shelf where the normal bread was cut can cause symptoms. Using separate spreads and washing shelves can reduce your risk of cross contamination.

Choosing Sauces

Choosing Sauces

Pasta sauces, stocks and gravies have a high tendency to contain wheat flour for the thick consistency. This implies that they will contain gluten and hence not suitable for you. Check labels for the gluten free varieties or you could even put in some efforts to create your own sauces. You could use potato starch or cornflour to thicken them instead!

Go for these tips to make your new diet plan more comfortable and practical for you. Some people tend to put on weight by eating different cereals on a regular basis to avoid wheat. You can opt for gluten free diet plan for weight loss to tackle that situation while keeping the symptoms at bay!


10 Popular Diet Tips to Unlearn

10 Popular Diet Tips to Unlearn

In this health freak world of today, people are more inclined towards reducing excess pounds or tapering their bellies! In this process, they are bombarded with a bundle of “Health Tips” which they start following with a blind eye. Its time to scrutinize some of these rules and unlearn them! We have come up with a list of some unhealthy “health rules”.

Banning Fats: The most common trend for dieting is to completely ban fats or sugars. But it may surprise you to know that in such diets, sugars are used to replace fats or vice-versa! Another point here is that food devoid of fat makes you feel hungry more often. And you tend to eat more, so your diet crashes a big time! Instead go for normal food and keep a tab on portion sizes and try not to overeat. Trust us, it is a way healthier option!Banning Fat

No Cheat Days: A full on strict diet increases your chances to give in to temptations. You might give up on your diet altogether! To stick to your regime for a longer time, plan your days of diet relaxation. An 80-20 ratio goes a long way and will pay you in terms of lesser stress. Yes, you got that right! Enjoying mouth watering delicacies once in a while can reduce stress but don’t overdo it. No Cheat Days

Stop Snacking: Restricting yourself to just 3 meals a day and skipping snacks can lead to overeating at mealtime. It also leads to a dip in blood sugar levels and that is definitely not healthy! Instead of eliminating snacks completely, take up healthier options for snacking! Foods with a balanced amount of proteins, fiber and fats will help to keep your energy in balance.

Stop Snacking


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Avoid Fruits: True that fruits are packed with sugars but that itself is not a hurdle in your diet. Shocking eh? Fruits are also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which helps in absorption of sugar. They are easy to digest even and are a way healthier option than chocolate fudge when your sweet tooth calls! Avoid Fruits
Organic is Good: Organic foods are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides, true. But it has got nothing to do with lesser calories! Don’t believe us? Its a myth that organic foods are low calories. They are a healthier option in the light that they are free from chemicals and have natural minerals. But the calorific value can’t be reduced through this process. A high cal food is high cal even if made from organic ingredients!Organis Is Good

Salad- the Best Option: It is often said, “When in doubt, order a salad”. There are lots of people who even follow this. The tempting salads of your favorite joint, seem a healthier alternative when you are going out with friends. It’ll surprise you, the juicy burger you just sacrificed was healthier and less calorific than the salad you ordered! The mayo, cream and kebabs add way more to its calories than you suspect! Choose wisely, live well!Salad-The Best Option

Don’t Exercise: Well yea, that’s one of the advice we’ve heard of! The rationale behind this is that exercising will make you hungry and you will eat more. Well guys, a long workout will burn calories and in lieu of it you are not going to swallow tons of calories! Plus its not restricted to weight loss, come-on it will improve respiratory system, build strength and improves metabolism! So put on your spikes and go for a jog!exercise

Only Calorie Count Matters: It is believed by some that what you eat doesn’t matter till you are keeping a check on your calorie count. Well we disagree to it and you will follow suit after knowing the reason! While choosing between a 100 cal spinach to 100 cal ice cream. Who should you prefer? Spinach has vitamins and fiber. What about the ice cream? Is it adding to your nutrition? Eating less is not as important as eating healthy. Make your choice after thorough consideration.Only Calorie Count Matters

Through this article we have attempted to put forward another perspective to dieting. We hope that you have found logic in our tips and will follow them for a healthier life. We will soon be back with our take on health till then eat healthy and stay healthy! Try to eat healthy diet meals and lead your way to a healthier future.

Things To Eat On The Beach

Things To Eat On The Beach

Who doesn’t like to spend a weekend relaxing on the beach after a week long labor? Beaches are always the first thing that come to mind while planning a day of rest. Why won’t they be? Golden sand, sparkling waves, volleyball, coconut water and fresh seafood, in addition to the cool breeze. Oh my my! I am already excited to get my beachwear out and run for the waters! Wait, I’ll have to sort my snacking first. Ya, feasting is one big thing for holidaying! Wanna eat all those delicacies on the beach but can’t throw your diet to the winds? Here is the solution my friends!


WrapsWell tucked eatables are always a temptation at beaches. What could be better than a wrap itself? Hummus and grilled vegetable wrap , is a nutrition packed full fledged meal, an ideal for a beach snacking!

Tutti Fruity

Tutti FruityFruits are another good option. They deal with both thirst and hunger at a time! Full of vitamins, minerals and fiber, fruits are a much healthier option than lick lollies for people with a sweet tooth! Watermelon can be cut and brought to your picnic in a cooler. If you want to avoid smeared juices, go for grapes, apples and bananas.

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SkewersThe easiest no nonsense way to eat at the beach without attracting much sand. Cut bite sized tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, roast them a bit and skew them. An easy to eat meal is ready! Its full of nutrition even. To add more taste to it, you can add mozzarella cheese balls along with basil to the skewers.


JuicesThe beach sun might make you thirsty often. So what to drink? Soft drinks are an option of-course but clashes with your diet regime. Just toss your favorite fruits in the blender, add a touch of basil for the flavoring and a low calorie drink is at your service! Coconut water an attraction at the beaches is also a healthy alternative.

Pasta Salad

Pasta SaladWoah! Already drooling over it! A perfectly cooked pasta with a bunch of broccoli, cranberries and bell peppers, a healthier alternative provided it is a whole wheat pasta. It is a fulfilling dish and together with these veggies can be healthy. You can add olive oil, pepper, salt and cheese for the taste.

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Granola Bars

Granola BarsA load of oats, nuts (almonds or walnuts), dates, peanut butter, honey and cocoa powder is all that is needed. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, they are a good snacking option. Just spare an hour and cook these for your day out. You can roast the oats if you want or else just bind the ingredients together, lay them right and freeze, job done! A healthy, portable snack is ready to devour!

Quinoa Salad

thai-quinoa-saladTo cooked quinoa, when a mixture of raisins and veggies (tomatoes, onions, cucumber, radish) are added, it becomes a healthy meal. A dash of mint, parsley, lime juice, salt, chili and sesame oil can be used to season it. Devour this delicacy while basking in the beach sun!

Pack your stuff and head straight to the beach for the next weekend. These nutritious recipes will provide a healthy snacking on the beach. And don’t forget to carry water, to quench your ever increasing your thirst!