How to lose 5-7kgs in 7 days


In today’s world everyone wants to be a foodie as well look fit and toned too. Some people don’t really pay heat when talked about losing weight because they are food lovers and its hard for them to bid goodbye to their favourite dishes. Losing weight doesn’t really mean you have to give up on your favourite dish. You have to be particular about your eating habits as when as your calorie and carbohydrate intake.  Body weight is all about the fat and water retention in a person’s body so it is pretty easy to lose the initial kilos. There are some very basic points one needs to follow to see the initial transformation

  1. Avoid Biscuits
  2. Do not miss your breakfast
  3. Have cereals , eggs and ,milk in your breakfast
  4. Drink atleast 3L of water everyday
  5. Strict NO to midnight snacks
  6. Dinner should not be taken after 8pm
  7. Cut down on sweets
  8. Avoid oily food
  9. Avoid carbohydrate intake at night
  10. Drink luke warm water

DAY 1– Since it is really hard for a foodie to cut down his/her delicious meals and lose weight so one should start his/her schedule with fruit day.  You can have as many fruits as you want but you should avoid banana. Drink 8-12 glasses of water so that your body remains hydrated. Do not eat any food items, not even raw or boiled vegetables.

DAY 2– After having fruit diet now its time to switch your schedule to vegetable diet. You can have vegetables through out the day in raw or cooked state or boiled vegetables. Some of the vegetables which are recommended are broccoli , raw and cooked carrot , lettuce , boiled cabbage , cooked beans etc.

DAY 3– Since you have had fruit as well as vegetable diet on the first and the second day , now on the third day the diet schedule will have both vegetable and fruit diet. Avoid bananas from the fruit category and potatoes from the vegetable category . You can plan your day 3 schedule with fruits in breakfast , vegetables in afternoon , fruits in the evening and boiled vegetables at night.

DAY 4– Day 4 would comprise of milk and banana diet. You can have 7-8 banana and 2-3 glasses of milk. You might feel that you’ll be starving all day long but at the end of the day you will not be hungry at all. You need to properly divide the consumption of banana and milk throughout the day so that you don’t starve all day long.

DAY 5– You can have rice and about 6-7 tomatoes on this day. It is advised that on Day5 you should increase your water intake from 12 glasses to 15 glasses.

DAY 6– On day 6 you can again have a bowl of rice along with vegetables. Do not ignore the water intake. Switch back to 8-12 glasses of water.

DAY 7– So finally after 6 days of your strict diet schedule , on the last day of your schedule you can have a bowl of rice with vegetables ( Any of your choice ) along with the fruit juice.

After strictly following this one week long diet schedule you will definitely see your body weight dropping down.  You will definitely improve your digestive system as well as youll see a glow on your face.