Ditch low-fat diet if you want to shed kilos

Ditch low-fat diet if you want to shed kilos

People follow a low fat diet in order to loose extra chunks of fat, so as to squeeze into their old jeans. But little they know, the diet they are following does not lead to a greater fat loss in the long term as compared to the higher fat diets of similar intensity. The results are based on the studies involving around 68,000 adults.

A lead author Deirdre Tobias from the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, said that “Behind current dietary advice to cut out the fat that contains more than twice the calories per gram of proteins and carbohydrates and , the thinking is simply reduced and fat intake will naturally lead to weight loss. But our evidence suggests otherwise.”


53 studies involving 68,128 adults showed no major difference in the average weight loss between higher and lower fat diets. In fact low fat diets only triggered greater weight loss when compared with no diet at all. And the resulted weight loss compared with low carbohydrate interventions and the difference in weight change were very small.

As there is a wide growing interest in Mediterranean diets with high level of fatty foods as fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables and olive oil. Harvard team found that to reduce fat intake was a less effective way to loose weight than by low carbohydrates and Mediterranean diets.


Tobias and team did a systematic analysis and review of all the trials and compared the effectiveness of low fat diets to all the other diets even including no diet, at improving long term weight loss in non pregnant adults up to the end of July, 2014. Tobias concluded that the science does not support low fat diets as the optimal long term weight loss strategy and to reduce the obesity problems, more research is required to identify proper approaches for long term weight loss and maintenance.


As the studies have concluded that, there is no good reason for recommending low fat diets, and following low fat diet recipes for weight loss is not the perfect way , although no proper diet plan has been confirmed that must be followed in order to loose it, for the mean time, try to indulge in high fat and low carb diet that will not only help you to loose weight but it will also help you to keep it away for a long time.