5 Reasons Why You Need Meditation


The pressures of life are hard to cope. At times we go crazy handling even the most stupidest of tasks just because our mind is so worked out, or we tend to throw away all our diet and exercise regimes because we are just too frustrated everything around us. All we need is a break. But unfortunately the break too gives no relief, we only tend to over-think, cluster our head with mindless crap and the tummy with calorie loaded trash.

So is there a way out from such a situation? Sure there is- Meditation! Meditate to soothe your nerves and bring back the lost peace.

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There are a host of other reasons why you need meditation in your life. We are listing them down for you:

1. Meditate for healthy food habits:

It has been established that people who meditate find it easier to adopt healthy food habits than those who never go for meditation. Regular meditation goes a long way in helping curb food cravings. This in turn helps in eating good which helps in our physical well being.

2. Meditate for a sound sleep:

Modern day lifestyle has given rise to disturbed sleeping patterns among a large number of people. While one requires 7-8 hours of sleep every day to revitalize the body functions, the quality of sleep is a crucial aspect to ponder about. Stress can often snatch the peace from your sleep, and meditation can bring it back for you.

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3. Meditate to stay active:

Meditation recharges the body’s batteries. It instills calm and peace as well as renewed energy. As it eases the pressure on our nerves, there is a natural upliftment of mood and a few minutes of meditation can pep you up instantly.

4. Meditate to keep illnesses at bay:

Meditation focuses on controlling one’s breathing patterns and thus, helps in better respiration and circulation. It also helps build a stronger immunity. In this way meditation can prevent you from falling sick easily. Also if one is ill, meditation helps in quick healing.

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5. Meditate to improve social health:
Happy Woman relaxing in a park

A peaceful mind is a conducive space. Meditation brings us at peace with our inner turmoils and this helps us in welcoming the outer world with open hands too. Meditation increases our social sensitivity,  and thus improves are social health.


Diet DOs and DON’Ts for Diabetics

Diet DOs and DON’Ts for Diabetics

Diabetes is a life long bane. The disease brings with it a host of other health risks. It damages the blood vessels and acts dangerously on the nerves too; thus can harm any part of the body. Diabetes is a monster that can eat you up if you take it too lightly. However,  one can also save himself from such harmful effects if he is able to strongly control his blood sugar levels. And mind it, this can be done. Making relevant lifestyle and dietary changes can help exceptionally well.

In India every 5th person is at the risk of diabetes. It is therefore crucial for the patients (even those at plausible risk) to reflect upon their diet and take necessary measure. Consulting a doctor to chart out a diet for diabetic patients in India, is the best step forward. There are many food items that should be kept miles away in order to prevent the hazardous consequences of shooting blood sugar levels.

Here are some important Diet DOs and DON’Ts that must not be taken lightly by those who are in the grip of this health condition:



1. Eat at regular intervals to maintain consistent blood sugar levels.
2. Include complex carbohydrates in your meals. They help in slow release of sugar.
3. High fiber intake is recommended.
4. Low-fat dairy products and lean meat can provide healthy proteins, effective in keeping sugar controlled.
5. Pulses should be part of every meal. They give good amount of protein and fiber.
6. Carrying a sweet or two in case of sudden fall in sugar levels.



1. Relishing the juicy mangoes, bananas, citrus delights? Please DON’T! However, picking up these fruits once in a while is OK. Contrary to popular perception no fruit is strictly prohibited.
2. Ghee, cheese and butter. Better stay away from them.
3. High salt intake and of course sugar, are your worst enemies.
4. Potatoes, carrots, rice have high glycemic index. Best avoided
5. Eating refined breads or noodles can cause sudden rise and fall in blood sugar levels.
6. Red meat can not just aggravate the problem but even cause it.

Blood Group Diets – A New Way to Fitness

Blood Group Diets – A New Way to Fitness

Knowing your blood type is essential for many reasons. It can help determine your vulnerability to certain diseases and also help identifying the medications most effective on you. For instance people having blood group AB are most prone to blood clotting, and knowledge of it can help take preventive measures during medical emergencies or otherwise.

Since blood types is seen to impact a person’s well-being in a way that certain blood groups can be identified to be susceptible to certain health disorders and ailments; it is logical to include blood group specific diets as a means of achieving better immunity and optimal fitness levels. Idietitian blood group diet plan is based on this very theory, and has proven to be quite effective.

Listed below are general nutritional characteristics and food requirements as associated with specific blood types:

Type 1 – Blood Group A


It has been noted that people of the group A blood type are more prone to stress. This strongly impacts their eating habits and further, their weight. Also observed is the low production of meat digesting enzymes in this particular blood type. It is thus advisable to cut down on the red meat, fish and poultry intake. However breaking down other vegetarian proteins, carbs and grains is easy. Therefore, people with A blood group should eat plenty of veggies, whole-grains, cereals and fruits.

Type 2 – Blood Group B

Various dairy products isolated on white

Dairy products are for the type B blood group. Also type B can enjoy eating everything in balanced proportions barring wheat. They are observed to not take in gluten containing food too well. Metabolic rate of people having blood group B is fast and so they can break down complex foods easily. Bringing on cheese and butter won’t be a problem as long as you are not worried of gaining excess weight.

Type 3 – Blood Group AB


If you thought blood group B is the lucky one, Ab is luckier. This blood type is but a rare one. People of the blood type AB reap the benefits of both the blood groups A & B. They can eat just about anything. However, with type B’s trait of adapting to meats and A’s lack of stomach acids, AB is vulnerable to storing fats easily. Thus, caution while eating is still required, to avoid becoming over-weight. Considering a blood group diet plan for weight loss can thus save you from such trouble.

Type 4- Blood Group O


For blood group O, dairy products are to be avoided. Also beans and legumes should not be consumed as far as possible. It has been observed that this blood type can have difficulties in digesting dairy products and the latter products can worsen the digestion. Type O blood group has a low metabolism, and are thus advised to intake animal proteins which are considered to speed up the metabolic rate.

The Best Diet for a Bride-to-Be

The Best Diet for a Bride-to-Be

Wedding day holds a very dear spot in every person’s life. Every bride wants to look her best on this day. A perfect dress, perfect ring, perfect reception so why not achieve a healthy and fit body? To achieve this, many brides-to-be starts to loose pounds, without even considering the pitfalls that may befall. Many young women opt for diets without even consulting with a dietitian and some even starts popping the weight loss pills. And the results are always perplexed. Some will loose so many pounds that they will look frail or some will not be able to achieve the desired weight till the wedding day.

Why to go through so much stress, when you can get our Pre Bridal Diet Plan. Stop staying iffy and choose the bridal package that will not only help you lose weight but will also help you to keep it away for a long time. Weight loss is not just about losing those chunks of fat but to also look confident and toned up after that. As the internet is flooded with so many different diet plans that promise to provide the best results, it rather becomes difficult to choose the one that will provide the absolute results.


Cutting out some calorie intake and exercising alone, will not help you to lose weight. following a proper diet plan is necessary. Consider getting some of the best dieting tips so that you can get toned up body. The best part of following a diet plan is, you do not have to worry about skipping a meal because you will be very much aware in your conscious about the fact that you are dieting as you have to look perfect on the wedding day.

With getting fit comes another factor in light, i.e. Glowing skin. To look fresh and gorgeous with glowing skin is every bride’s dream. This can only be achieved if you follow the bridal diet chart for glowing skin. To get glowing and refreshing skin is not a piece of cake because with all the wedding preparations, skin might look and feel tired and no one would want that, so just choose the best diet to get glowing skin and look your best at the big day. Just cut out alcohol, smoking, excessive sugar, soda from your daily routine and just follow a proper diet and drink lots of water and you are good to go. Enjoy your day to the fullest with confidence and glow and make this day a memorable one.

Healthy Snacks To Keep in Your Office Drawer

Sitting at the desk and working on the computer for 8 -9 hours is an easy job, Right? NO! Oh no, it is not. Mental exertion counts, and counts a lot. Thinking, typing, speaking, listening are all some kind of activities only. That is the reason why we feel all drained up after spending those long constant hours on the office desk.We may not be moving our limbs to and fro, nonetheless, our body is utilizing the energy and nutrients. Lacking which we may not be able to focus and produce a good output. It is therefore essential for us to not take this lightly, and should pay attention towards our dietary needs at office.

Apart from the three main meals of the day (of which many often skip the breakfast), we should munch on light snacks in between to provide regular fuel to the body’s machinery. We bring to you our best picks of healthy snacks that you could keep in your office drawer. Munch on them whenever you feel the need to, this will save your time, keep you active and most productive at your office. Make a note-



These crunchy nuts will curb your hunger pangs in the evenings. Rich in heart-healthy fats, nuts are dense calories, so it would be advisable to stick to a small potion to snack on each day. Do not store in packets of nuts and raisins in the office, try forming a habit of carrying a measured amount each day. Also eat them raw, avoid roasted or salted forms.


fruit salad

Make it a habit to cut and slice a few fruits in the morning, put them in an air tight container and carry them to office every single day. First hing to keep them in your drawer (or maybe in the fridge, if there is one) and have your mid day snack sorted. You should also keep salt and pepper jars in the drawer, if you’d like to sprinkle them over.

Dark Chocolate:


Store them to help you stay away from unhealthy calories on occasions when cakes and pastries make way into the office hall like a birthday celebration or farewell. You can grab your chocolate and not indulge in the sweets too much. At other times too, having a piece won’t cost your health too much.



Well, we are not asking you to prepare your meals at office. Not asking to take milk and cereals, and create a mess around. Dry cereals to snack is all what we recommend. Choose whole green cereals without added sugars; the crackling snack will let you stay active all day long.

Peanut Butter:


It is one of the most energy booster snack that can be stashed in your office drawer. You can spread it on crackers or chips, or simply take in a spoonful, and will feel satiated for a few hours. Peanut butter provides a high amount of protein, oil and fat. Watch the amount you consume to keep yourself in shape.