Low Glycemic Diet : An Easy to adopt Lifestyle Habit

Low Glycemic Diet : An Easy to adopt Lifestyle Habit

For diabetic patients ‘glycemic index’ is an everyday word but for others it might not sound so familiar. So while going through so many diet plan options available if you stumbled upon the low glycemic diet and decided flip over it only because it went over your head then wait, you might be missing out on something great.

Let us help you understand what is a ‘Low Glycemic Foods Diet Plan’and how it can benefit you. First of all lets define Glycemic Index – It is a system in which all foods can be ranked on a scale of 0-100 based on how they may affect the blood sugar levels. The foods that breakdown rapidly to release glucose (clearly lead to more rise in blood sugar level) are higher on the index. Foods with GI more than 70 can cause significant fluctuations in sugar levels in the blood, 55-70 moderate and those ranked 55 or less are low GI foods.

Now, which GI foods should be a part of our diet is not difficult to crack. Obviously, the ones that rank lower on the glycemic index. However, medium GI foods could also make it in your list, and surprisingly even high GI foods too (unless you are diabetic). How is that possible? This is because a small potion of a high GI food (say 25%) taken with other low GI foods will balance out the total GI of your entire meal.

Next question, which may be dancing in your head is, ‘Is this diet only for diabetic patients? If not, how will it benefit others?’
Well, partially yes. It is most recommended to diabetic patients. But not that others cannot benefit from it at all. The glycemic diet plan for weight loss is a diet approach even non-diabetic population could utilize. This plan doesn’t claim rapid weight loss, but is a proven way of shredding the extra kilos in a long run. This is because by introducing low GI foods, high carbohydrate intake is automatically limited. Moreover, no food groups are entirely discarded, only maintaining a healthy ratio of them all is aimed at. This helps in gradually coming in shape.

It is therefore, a boon for the diabetic patients, a preventive cure for those who might be at a risk of it, and an easy lifestyle change one can opt for those looking to lose weight in a healthy way.


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